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sick, underweight, single, lonely, abandoned

i know i post this all the time and nobody really cares and it sounds just as self depricating as it feels but i don’t know what’s wrong with me

i cried so hard on the drive home today i lost my voice

everything i love burns to ashes and crumbles between my fingers nad i ruin lives by loving people and i just want friends, people to fall back on and trust

but i don’t know where to begin in making them because i have lost so much trust for every human being

i wasted 750$ on two ‘trust me’s that turned into nightmares that broke me into pieces and nobody cares, nobody gets punished but me

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If you want to talk about “rape culture”, then the issue of false rape accusations must be addressed. It trivializes the real cases and makes everyone all the more skeptical and non sympathetic towards real victims.


Friendly reminder: this is still happening. White women accuse black men of raping them, and the law and society automatically take the white woman side and this results a lot of innocent black men in jail because of the stigma that all black people are dangerous. Remember that next time you think false rape accusations aren’t a big deal. 

I’m looking at you white feminists. 

The legal system usually takes the womans side. Theres been a shit ton of times when there was someone who was obviously innocent being sent to prison based soley on someones word.

Glad to see my old blog posts are still going around.

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Day 26 Favorite Starter: Bulbasaur.

Always the #1 to me. c:

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"What do you feel most guilty about?"
"When things weren’t going well, I used to get angry at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. A lot of times, I’d take my anger at a situation and scatter it on my wife and kids."

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you don't have the right to complain you're wealthy and aesthetically pleasing like. you dont get to have problems when people like me are living on $5 a day and going through trash for socks like please shut up stardroid you have it easy ok
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Alright, I know I shouldn’t butt in but this rustled my jimmies.

Look, just because someone is well off doesn’t mean their life is all diamonds and bon-bons. You don’t even know HOW they got their money. My cousin is well off now but she is only take way because she got a settlement due to some idiot killing her mother in a car crash
Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to what has been actually going on with Stardroid/Vris or you’d know she’s been in and out of hospital and that her life is filled with a TON of stress that you or I couldn’t even begin to even manage!
Being rich doesn’t mean an easy ride, more so if you’re young. I also find it damn hard to believe you ‘live’ on $5 a day. I’m poor by US salary standards and even I make more than $5 a day. 

'Problems' are relative, you see? You may not think being hospitalized and nearly dying, losing your mum at a young age, being hounded by evil people, and then being tossed into the thick of a bunch of other shit isn't a 'problem' other people have, but I'd say it's still a problem. 
Stop acting like just because she’s well off that she doesn’t have problems or a right to feel bad. 
Yeah, people may be rich but they are NOT always happy because they have money. Sometimes having money comes with a price. A price bigger than your average person ever has to deal with. Something NO ONE should have to deal with… 

If you are living on $5 a day then get another job. Your boss is fucking you over like made if you’re only making $5 a day… not to mention, how the hell are you online? Do you do slave labour in a sweat shop? I doubt it. I call bull on the $5 a day cry. Get a job, you’ll make a bit more *thumsbs up*

End case and point: 
If you don’t know all the reasons or details as to why someone’s life is the way it is, then kindly shut the fuck up, Anon. Stop trying to make people feel guilty because you’re miserable. 
(I sound like a raging hypocrite saying that given by how much I complain about my life but… for fuck sake, this person is something else, man. Wow.) 

you also don’t know anything about the anon. living on 5$ a day doesn’t mean making 5$ a day, it means only being able to spare 5$ a day. there are multiple factors that affect the poverty line and they don’t just depend on salary. it factors in rent, taxes, children or siblings or parental care, possible medical expenses, utilities, gas/bus prices, debt from medical/educational/etc costs, insurance, all of these things rack up prices beyond ‘what your boss is paying you’.

besides all of this, even with a large education, people often can not even FIND a job nontheless just ‘go out and get a better one’. it’s not that simple..poor people don’t want to be poor.

besides this, the largest factor in determining someone’s health in both short term and long term factors is their economic status. poor people go through more stress, become more unhealthy, must pay more on healthcare due to cheap insurance, etc.

humans have a natural right to feel as though they have struggles and problems to conquer and want to be the victims and that’s okay, this is why neither side is right or wrong. however, entirely out of context and nondirectionally, keeping your perspective positive when other people have it exceptionally worse is often best for not offending others who are expected to upkeep a reasonably positive attitude every single day. most sjw’s call this ‘checking your privileges’ though i’m more apt to say ‘just try to not be a whiny asshole  and be realistic about stuff that’s not too terrible just cause it’s the only problems you have to face at the time’ (though i too am flawed and hypocritical in this way of course and it is an ongoing lesson)

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how the fuck do some girls get boyfriends so easily like wtf do you just create them in your basement or what


In just seven days, oh baby, I can make you a maaaaaaaaan

I believe that Rocky Horror fans just stole a text post and I love it.

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You’d think Tumblr people would learn from Disney movies, since they love them so much

Like The Lion King 2, it teaches people to not judge based on what someone’s ancestors did (Kovu), it teaches people that we’re all the same and it also teaches people to give others a chance to redeem…

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single again

hi friends anybody want to talk on skype add me pls i am a lonely butterfly same username as here

just to chat and talk about aynthing

if you wanna talk about serious life stuff i am an open book if you wanna talk about explosive diarrhea i haveit too its all ok with shelby

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Natural selection.

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angry music and driving too fast is my best buffer for emotional pain

if you see a black jeep decked in pokemon swag drive by you at 400 mph dont worry thats just me running away from my problems