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Posted 2 months ago

what’s the point of checking up on someone if you’re not gonna do shit when they’re in need?

Posted 5 months ago
Posted 5 months ago

selfie dump for y’all

my life be like

Posted 5 months ago

Very important question for anybody that can help!

hi all, I looked this up for the sake of my boyfriend, but this doesn’t seem to be a common issue and therefore have no support groups. we are very stressed and would like some help.

my boyfriend seems to be incapable of holding two conversations or more at once. it is a great source of turmoil and stress for him, and something that is inescapable nowadays with cellphones, im, and the like. we are in a long distance relationship and this makes it even harder.

what does this mean for him?

he cannot do more than one of the following:

  • text
  • IM chat
  • skype
  • have irl conversation
  • email
  • phone call

he has expressed that when he tries to have more than one, he ends up having two half assed conversations. he feels as though he must dedicate his entire self to one conversation at a time. this results in either me feeling like he’s upset at me when he tries to communicate with family, or his family believes he is upset- even if he’s having very engaging and fun conversations with me at the same time.

this is causing us to have relationship strain due to his family encouraging to cut me out, believing our relationship is making him overall unhappy- which it’s not! he was supposed to come visit me in 5 days but now that seems impossible due to his family being angry at him over this issue. he has this issue also when he’s out with friends and trying to text me or other people. it is not just me that causes this reaction. i’m not even sure living in the same town would solve this problem. almost all relationships nowadays rely on seperate forms of conversation than irl visitation!

please help him cooexist. if you  or a loved one have any advice, please let me know. any help would be very greatly appreciated.

thank you, all. <3

Posted 5 months ago

Two weeks till he gets here!!!!!!

I can’t wait! I miss him so much :’)

Posted 5 months ago

tbh i just give up on having friends they all dont want to talk whenever i try and ignore me if i dont try lmao 

i’m actually starting to get jaded for once and wonder ‘why am i wasting so much effort on you when its clear you dont give any shits about me or my well being’ and i guess thats what people taught me to be like so: there you go. are you happy. your selfishness is rubbing off of me and i’m cranky and tired and not-very-nice and i never want/ed to be this way but a person can only take so much

*goes back to doing homework aggressively*

Posted 5 months ago

Guys only 18 days till my boyfriend comes and visits!!!! I feel like posting hecka pics until he does hehe but he’s not too photogenic. I’m so excited!! I miss him a whole lot!

Posted 6 months ago

ignored me all day, didn’t even say goodnight
how did i know i could not trust you yet again
i am worried about the valentines day presents that will arrive on my doorstep
i was not aware you could deliver lies to me in person, being 1200 miles away, but you continue to impress me

Posted 6 months ago

such a horrible start to the weekend

very, very, lonely. i wish i had more people to talk to or play games with. tonight i’m just kinda playing older turn based rpgs (okage shadow king, shining force) and a little bit of pokemon showdown with a new monotype poison team, but i sorta wanna play an mmo or something just so i can have social contact.

m’good at dota but all it does is remind me of the boyfriend who is probably playing with friends and i don’t really want to see him and be a loner all at the same time. stress levels: critical

might play silent hill 2 or 3 later but again… ehh.

if anybody wants to play games or chat hmu i don’t bite i might just be a little bit depressed (i’m actually a lot of bit depressed but i try to be good at faking it!)

i never spend time alone playing video games anymore, i never have time, so this feels extremely weird being able to sit down and do it for once

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Posted 8 months ago

This one’s just about me going to Colorado to see my buddies in 18 days/romantic stuff 

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Posted 8 months ago
Posted 8 months ago
Posted 8 months ago

this week was supposed to be terrible! I just got dumped by my boyfriend of 7 months, I thought everything’d be awful, etc.

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Posted 9 months ago

can’t even nap

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